Versace for Italy

“We are going through something none of us has ever experienced. Despite all the uncertainty and the fear, we have shown the world that we are a strong community, that we stand together, and that we have helped each other in such an amazing, generous way. I have never been more proud of being Italian and I feel it was not just an honor, but my duty to do my part and support in any way I could.” Donatella Versace

Versace is donating $500,000 to support local relief efforts in response to the pandemic. The funds will support the Intensive Care Unit of San Raffaele Hospital in Milan to provide critical aid to those battling the virus, and Camera Nazionale Della Moda Italiana for the “Italia, we are with you” project, an initiative that donates ventilators and medical equipment to Italy’s hospitals. This is in addition to the ¥1 million that Versace donated in February to support the Chinese Red Cross Foundation, and the personal contributions made by Donatella Versace and Allegra Versace Beck.